White Paper: 40 Years in the Payment Reform Wilderness

In a perfect world, a well-functioning healthcare delivery system should provide the right care at the right time in the right place, while being accountable for clinical and financial outcomes.

But the current method of paying for healthcare is broken. Since the inception of Medicare more than 50 years ago, the system has been designed to reward the volume of services rather than the value of services provided to patients, leading to unsustainable costs and suboptimal care.

In this paper on the history of payment reform, you’ll learn about:

  • Two major flaws in the original Medicare legislation that created the high-cost healthcare system that exists today
  • Various reform efforts to control healthcare costs and the impact on social, political and market forces
  • Innovative payment models that are speeding the movement toward value-based care and shaping the future of healthcare

Read the full paper here.

Payment refom chart_4A-2_FINAL