Health Systems

“We look forward to being able to improve our patients’ adherence to recommendations for screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies and identify gaps in patient compliance. This comprehensive information will also assist a doctor who is caring for a patient with a chronic disease to ensure the patient receives the preventive care they need by tracking their medical appointments, no matter where they occur, their medicines, and the routine tests they need.”
Dr. Keith Sweigard, Abington Health, Medical Director of Abington Health Physicians and Chief of Internal Medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital

Health System Solutions

Lumeris works with our health system partners to develop a strategic business plan for embarking on a long-term population health strategy. The business plan includes pro forma financial modeling, capability assessment and gap analysis, and opportunity assessments around specific populations. We engage as an operating partner to provide the people, processes and enabling technology essential to create new lines of business and deliver Population Health Services Organization capabilities, including:

  • Creating payment models that will initiate and support care redesign
  • Negotiating with multiple payers
  • Covering broad enough geography to win contracts with employers / groups or create virtual IDNs
  • Maintaining physician loyalty and changing behavior to manage under risk
  • Integrating clinical and financial data, including information from outside systems